Mechanic Location Picture

The location of the mechanic job.


The mechanic job is an excellent all-round job I would personally recommend to pretty much anyone. It's also probably the best secondary job for silver+ VIPs. The location of the mechanic job can be found at the Ocean Docks as seen on the map to the side. Alternatively, you can have a look at the directions in /phone to find it. Also, you could just use /ask for a moderator to show you.

What can I do?

As a mechanic, there are 4 things you can do.

  1. Repair vehicles
  2. Colour cars
  3. Refill cars with a gas can
  4. Modding vehicles

How do I fix my vehicle?

  1. Go inside your car, and unlock the hood by typing /car hood.
  2. Step out of your car and type /car hood in front of it, opening the hood.
  3. When the hood is fully up, type /fixcar.
  4. Type /car hood again to close your hood.
  5. Hop back in your vehicle and type /e to start the engine again!

How shall I go about changing my car colour?

  1. Make sure you have a spray can, you can buy these from 24/7's such as Haze's Gas Station in Temple. /ask for help on finding a 24/7
  2. Decide the colour you want by going here , these are inputted as IDs. The ID you enter will match up to a certain colour.
  3. When inside your car, type the command /colourcar [id here] [id here]

How do I refill my car with a gas can?

  1. Again, make sure you have a gas can from a 24/7. Note, these are not spray cans.
  2. When inside your car, type the command /refill.
  3. Use /e to start your engine again!

How do I mod my vehicle?

  1. You are able to add nitrous to your vehicle with /noscar this will cost you $1000
  2. You are able to add hydraulics to your vehicle with /hydcar this will also cost you $1000
  3. You can un-mod a vehicle with /unmodcar, but be warned this removes all the modifications from the vehicle