Lawyer Job Location

The location of the lawyer job.

The lawyer job can earn you alot of money but usally won't because of the low demand of this job. You can get this job just south of the bank as seen on the picture to the side. If you need any more help use /ask and someone will be happy to help.

What can I do?

  1. You are able to bail people from jail for a fee.

How can I bail people?

  1. You will receive a purple message saying '[player] (ID) has requested bail he/she is currently in jail for [time]. Make your way to the LSPD to bail him/her out.' Once you get that message you will head to the LSPD in Pershing Square /ask if you need more help, now once at the Police station you will go inside and walk over the infomation icon and type /bail [id] [time]. To start with you will only be able to bail 1 minute off their time, which will pay $2500, for each 20 bails you make you will go up a level and allow you to bail another minute so therefore getting another $2500, /sk to see how many bails you have done.