Drug Job Location

The location of the Drug Smuggler job.

The Drug Smuggler job can earn you huge amounts of money but most likely wont because of the store never accepting the drug deliverys. The drug smuggler job is located just up the road from Ammu-Nation as seen on the map. If you need any extra help feel free to use /ask and someone will be happy to help.

What can I do?

  1. You can harvest drugs
  2. You can deliver drugs to the chemist/pharmacy.

How can I harvest drugs?

  1. To start off you will type /harvest a red checkpoint will show-up on the map, make your way to the checkpoint then go through it.
  2. Once you go through the checkpoint you will need to do this for 4 more checkpoints, go through the last 4 checkpoints.
  3. Once you have gone though all the checkpoints your will get a message saying "Now you have the drugs, please deliver them to a chemist/pharmacy business (use /deliver), this is the end of getting the drugs you now need to deliver them.
How can I deliver the drugs?
Drug Store Location

The location of the drug store.

  1. You will need to locate the drug store, the store is called Drugs 'R Us and it can be found in East Los Santos as seen in the picture but if you need extra help finding it use /ask and someone will be happy to show you.
  2. Now you are in the drug store you will need to type /deliver, most likely a message will pop up saying "This Business isn't currently accepting deliveries, but on the rare occasion they are accepting deliveries you will receive a nice payment of $5000.