Arms dealer location

The location of the arms dealer job.

The arms dealer job is a great way to make a lot of money, but you need to be willing to put the time and effort in if you want to become a successful arms dealer.

The arms dealer job is the kind of job where you need to spend money to make money, you need to be willing to spend a lot of money then hope you can become a successful arms dealer, it’s one of the more risky jobs. The job is located at Ammu-Nation in the Market area as seen on the map to the sideEdit

What can I do?Edit

1. Material runsEdit

2. Create weaponsEdit

How do I do material runs?Edit

1. First of all you need to become an arms dealer by using /joinjob at the job location.

2. Go behind Ammu-Nation in the ally way and find the info marker, walk over it and type /getmats You will get 100 materials for 1k or if your silver VIP+ you can get 200 materials for 2k.Edit

3. You will be given a red checkpoint a fair distance away, you will need to travel there anyway possible to get the materials, once there just simply walk into the red checkpoint and you have gained 100 or 200 materialsEdit

4. Now you can stop here and sell the materials on their own or move onto the next stepwhich is creating weapons.Edit

How do I create weapons?Edit

1. Once you have a fair amount of materials its time to start creating weapons, to create a weapon you need to type /creategun, you first start off only being able to make melee weapons, you will need to level up to make better weapons. If you are only looking to level I would recomend making katanas through to level 10, you need to create 50 weapons to level up /sk to see how many you have made.

2. Once you have created weapons you can keep them for yourself or sell them off in the streets, when making an ad to sell them you must hide it by saying 'toy' guns or something along the lines of thatEdit

3. You should now start pulling in the money, good luck in your arms dealing career.Edit

What can I make?Edit






Katana 0 30
Cane 0 30
0 33
Shovel 0 35
Bat 0 50
Colt 1 250
2 300
Desert Eagl;e 3 600
4 1220
MP5 5 1340
6 1400
AK47 7 2100
8 3200
9 3450
10 3700
Body armour 10 1750